Corgi Toys 1956-73

Rocket Age Gift Set No. 6

3500 GBP
This is a special item. Very rare indeed in an original box. We are told that only 10000 of these were sold in its brief period of availability between late 1959 and sometime in 1960. It was 57/6d or just under £3 which means it was one of the most expensive sets, beaten in price only by the Garage and Silverstone Layout sets and, allowing for inflation, it would have been more costly than any others subsequently too.
The contents can all be obtained individually at around £500 but in a box with the packing pieces like this and the attractive top the set is worth considerably more.
I am selling this on behalf of a client and you should contact me to make an offer and discuss the set.
Everything is original apart from missile nose cones and the 353 radar aerial.
Contents and their condition:
350 Excellent
351 Excellent
352 Excellent, grey base version
353 Excellent. Replacement aerial but original in box
1106 Excellent
1115 Excellent
1116 Excellent paintwork but a strut missing at the bottom. Still remains in position, however.
1117 Excellent paintwork but mechanism needs some help to start raising or lowering
Box has wear along all four top edges and has generally aged outside. Base is sound with small corner repairs. Packing appears complete and in good condition.