Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 8

GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 8

160 GBP
This set has a really nice red Steed's Bentley and excellent Lotus Elan for Mrs Peel. 

The Bentley and Lotus are both entirely original with nothing replaced or retouched. There is barely a mark on the Bentley, one of the best I've had and Steed is, of course, original. I don't believe there are any copies available at the moment - those that are sold are ridiculous, being Jeeves painted grey! The Lotus is lovely too. It has one or two chips as you'll see in the photos but, again, it is one of the best I have available. Mrs Peel may or may not be original, I am not sure, so best to assume the latter. 

The box is a first class reproduction in a good shade like the original and not too bright as many are. It is made from the correct weight of card and that has a grey colour inside too.

A lovely set which includes the correct number plates affixed to the Lotus.