Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 3

GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 3

140 GBP
Here is a really nice Avengers Set featuring a red Bentley and a restored white Lotus Elan S2.

I have now changed the Bentley and it is an immaculate edition, really nice, complete and it and Steed are totally original. I will update the photos as soon as I can but in the meantime just ask for them if necessary. The Lotus has been carefully rebuilt and sprayed with good quality paint in the correct shade for this model. Mrs Peel is also a reproduction but extremely similar to the original in all respects. Beware some versions of Mrs Peel that have quite awful facial painting and others can be the wrong size too.

The box is a superb reproduction in the correct type of card with fine printing and careful manufacture. It has been printed in the correct slightly faded colours rather than the too bright editions that you may also find.