Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 7

GS40 The Avengers (red / white) Set 7

150 GBP
This is a super looking Gift Set with a totally original and beautiful red Bentley, an original John Steed at the wheel and a lovely original white Lotus Elan for Emma Peel. Mrs Peel is a reproduction as are the umbrellas.

The Bentley has the correct hood - not a poor fitting repoduction. There are very tiny marks on the bonnet's raised edges and on the rails but nothing to worry about. the Lotus is very nice in original paint with no touch-ins. There are a few chips along the front edge but this is generally a super example. It has the correct  HNK999C number plates fitted.

With a superb reproduction box from the best supplier who uses the right card and prints correctly in a slightly faded colour scheme (as opposed to the too bright colours of some suppliers) this will look simply stunning on display.