Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers (green / blue) Set 2

GS40 The Avengers (green / blue) Set 2

150 GBP
Now there wasn't actually a set issued with the blue Lotus Elan for Mrs Peel but that is the colour of the car that she drove in the second series (broadcast in colour). So I thought I would make up a suitable set that had both the correct colour for John Steed too. He only ever drove green Bentleys (and once or twice something else but no red Bentley).

The two cars are totally original, the Lotus being a 318 model without the boot transfer. The Bentley is in super condition and the Lotus is very good with just one or two marks to the paintwork but really nothing to worry about.

the box is superb, a reproduction made by the best supplier who uses the right card and prints in a slightly faded colour scheme rather than the very bright examples that don't look right. The cut-outs and folds are all exactly as they should be. It comes with three very accurate reproduction umbrellas, a reproduction Emma Peel and an original John Steed character.

A rare opportunity to get the 'right' pair!