Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers

GS40 The Avengers

150 GBP

I specialise in The Avengers items and usually have several Gift Sets available from £150 to £190.00. Look for the actual one that you prefer where you will find more illustrations of the set you are buying.

For the most commonly found Gift Set 40s there is a red Bentley with silver, gold or maybe red wheels, the last one being where a 9002 has been adapted for the set. The Lotus, of course, will always be white despite the fact that Mrs Peel’s was silver-blue in the second series broadcast in colour.

A green Bentley was also used, with red wheels, too but over the years many sets have been reconstructed and it can be difficult to be sure what is original content and what has been substituted.

The rear hood fitting is one sign: replacements do not have holes so can fit over the side lugs. If holes have been made, though, that may not be clear. The green Bentley should have green rails and not black (from the Wooster edition) and a flag on the side door or racing number 3 on the front and/or back means it was a 9001. Red wheels can be fitted but the ends of the axles will usually show marks.

Even 1985 C861 series have been seen in ‘original’ sets offered. The base says ‘Special Edition’.

Generally, though, I find collectors are keen to have a nice display and, with originals being so expensive, an approximation can be quite acceptable! So tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can do.