Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS40 The Avengers (red with gold wheels / white) Set 5

GS40 The Avengers (red with gold wheels / white) Set 5

135 GBP

A nice inexpensive set with totally original vehicles and Steed.

You'll see that this features a red Bentley which has the scarcer gold wheels. The screen, horn, handbrake and hood are all in place and originals, not replacements or repairs. Steed is also an original character. (Please don't buy sets with the silly Jeeves character painted grey, especially those with an extremely stupid facial expression! There are, as yet, no known sellers using the correct Steed mould.)

There are some chips to the paintwork and black rails but the radiator emblem is there and it looks nice on display.

Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan is original and has clean and clear windows and screen with suspension, although that was never a great feature on this model. The steering wheel is correct and original and the bonnet opens. The paintwork is pretty good apart from the front area and a few other chips. I have added the correct registration plates. Mrs Peel's character is probably a good replacement but might be original. I cannot tell the difference with the good reproductions but it is sold as a replacement.

The box is one of the best I have found so far. There are quite a few people making these and the variety of materials, equipment and originals used to copy has produces a vast array from the really professional and almost indistinguishable to the pathetic and indefensible. You will not be disappointed with this one and I'll be more than happy to have it back if for some reason you wish to return it.

The brollies are good plastic replacements but, again, I don't think I can now tell the difference between these and the originals.

I specialise in The Avengers sets and material and have several alternative sets in reproduction boxes also available.