Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS38 Monte Carlo Rally Gift Eet

GS38 Monte Carlo Rally Gift Eet

320 GBP220 GBP
With an original box this set sells for £1500 or more. This one has three original cars but a reproduction box and so gives you an opportunity to display this wonderful and iconic set at a fraction of the price.

The 321 Mini has super red paintwork and an almost unmarked white roof. The bonnet transfer and registration number has a little wear and it has had new RN52 transfers. the five jewels are all present and the bumpers show no chips. An excellent example of this model which was not produced for very long.

The 322 Rover has lovely deep metallic maroon paintwork and a nice glossy sheen. It has excellent and intact original transfers and RN136. There are one or two chips to the paintwork, mainly on the nearside wing and bonnet but the roof is unmarked. The Trans-o-lite headlamps are working and the two fog lamp jewels are present. Another excellent example.

The 323 Citroen DS19 has virtually unmarked blue paintwork, a stunning example in that respect, with excellent and intact original decals and RN75. The four small jewelled fog lamps are in place. Its only flaw is a replacement aerial and some marks and possibly residual adhesive around the roof aperture.

All in all, however, this is a superb set and a rare find with three models in such good condition. Most others I have seen for sale have significantly worse condition cars.

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