Corgi Toys 1956-73
GS24 Commer Construction Set in original box

GS24 Commer Construction Set in original box

60 GBP

This is a set that I had when I was young and this example is one that a friend had so I know its history too.

It has the red and white chassis units, the red one having trans-o-lite headlamps for good measure. You can then choose between a Pick-up, Ambulance, Milk Float or Van unit to go on the chassis making a total of 8 possible variations. Some, to be honest, look better than others but it is all good stuff.

The original milkman is present with crates but there is no bench for the Pick-up - these are the bits that often disappear. I will even include an old coin to operate the chassis system with.

The cars are in very good condition and the box is clean and complete. The polystyrene is almost complete with one corner missing and it is a bit aged now. The box has some ink on it but it sort of matches the background and its old owner’s name. Not at all bad, though and a good example.

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