Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 40 The Avengers with original box

Gift Set 40 The Avengers with original box

420 GBP
A totally original set comprising a red Bentley and white Lotus Elan.

The Bentley has steel wheels and is in superb condition with an original Steed at the wheel. The Lotus also has lovely paintwork and has good screens and clean interior and sound suspension. Emma Peel is also an original character.

The outer box is excellent and still retains bright colours and has all its flaps and no tears or creases other than a very minor flaw on one end. The inner tray has been on display for many years and has become faded but, apart from one semi-circle tab is complete. Sellotape has been used to retain the folding rear scene sections in place. The two brollies shown in the photos are originals. I shall include a replacement as the third one which may well be almost indistinguishable from these two originals!

The card insert is present in the tray but there is no packing piece. I shall, therefore, pack the models separately to the box when preparing for postage. (It can be very frustrating when I have received damaged sets like this from people who just assume that the tray will keep them in place.)

Original sets are not easy to find these days, many having been rebuilt with varying degrees of accuracy. I can vouch for this one being a one-owner item with everything (apart from the one brolly!) as it would have been when first bought over 50 years ago.

If you would like to have the correct registration plates added to Mrs Peel's Lotus then just ask. I can do this at no extra cost.

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