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Gift Set 40 The Avengers - Steed's Bentley in green / red

Gift Set 40 The Avengers - Steed's Bentley in green / red

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There are only a two main Bentleys in The Avengers Gift Set 40. It is thought that the very first sets had this green Bentley with red wheels, a curious combination for sure! Several adverts for the set, however, did feature this. Then the red Bentley (with steel or gold wheels) became the one most sets contained. We cannot be sure but there may well also have been Green Bentleys with steel wheels and even red Bentleys with red wheels although I think the last one unlikely. Of course, in reality, he only ever drove green Bentleys in the TV series (or a Rolls and one other model I can't quickly remember).

This is a super example of the green model with red wheels. It has an original hood, horn and handbrake and radiator emblem in place and an original Steed at the wheel. I cannot be certain but I think the windscreen has been replaced - the outline of the openings ection is less well-defined as the originals usually are. This is not at all obvious, however, and I may be wrong and it could be original.

The only paint faults I can see are some chips on the edge of the rail on one side - almost all have these and it is not at all obvious on display.

These are noticeably less common than the red editions and people like to have them in the set and so I may well finish up including this in a set. Until then, however, it is available individually.

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