Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 40 The Avengers -Set 10

Gift Set 40 The Avengers -Set 10

160 GBP
Here is a very nice example of an Avengers Gift set featuring a red Bentley for Steed and the white Lotus Elan for Mrs Peel. This is a constructed set as the Bentley here has red wheels - the official set versions would have had silver wheels - but it looks really attractive, being in super condition and otherwise identical. The Lotus Elan has been professionally restored and, apart from the slightly different rivets used, few people would appreciate the difference. This is in superb condition with not a mark to the paintwork and with a complete and clean interior.

You will find that many Bentleys now have missing horns on the side, bent or missing handbrakes and replacement screens. It is relatively easy to change the wheels too so all sorts of strange combinations may be found. The Lotus models may be missing a steering wheel (often replaced upside down which, whilst looking better isn't as it was issued!), the seats can easily come out and the screens get damaged too.

The set is displayed in one of the best reproduction boxes I have found. It really is very good, with the correct weight and type of grey card being used and the printing is not over-bright as many are. The cut outs on the tray are clean and the text panels on the back correctly aligned. Do watch out for others as mistakes often get made when people try to stick them together.

Whilst Steed is original, Mrs Peel is a replacement and, of course, the brollies are replacements too. At the time of listing, I am not aware of any reproductions of John Steed that are satisfactory - all being actually made from the cast for Jeeves and just painted grey instead of black! That is why I take care to use originals in my sets.

I usually have several elements of these sets in stock and can make up variations - such as a green Bentley, silver-blue Elan and change the wheels on the Bentleys as required. Just specify your requirements and I'll see what I can do. This set, however, is available to buy now as shown.