Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 40 The Avengers - Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan

Gift Set 40 The Avengers - Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan

85 GBP
One of the nicest examples of Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan that I have seen. This is all original and comes from The Avengers Gift set 40 together with the Emma Peel character (which may be a very good reproduction, it can be difficult to be sure!).

The paintwork has suffered just the one, solitary chip to the front bumper. Otherwise, i can detect no marks at all. The bonnet opens smoothly and the side windows move up and down. The seats fold forward and the screen is undamaged. The suspension is virtually non-existent, a little left on the front and back but really not a lot. This is typical of these models which have a plastic cross-piece that becomes permanently bowed after a while and thus offers little resistance to the axle. The car does not show this, however, and sits nicely and, of course, on display it would usually be sitting in its tray anyway with the wheels in the cut-out holes.

I have added the correct number plates for this version, Emma's first from the early black and white series. I can also supply a silver blue model, with a later registration, which more accurately reflects the car she drove most of the time in later editions.

This model may well finish up in a Gift Set but for the time being is available individually. The price includes the Mrs Peel character but no guarantee of whether she is original can be given.