Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 40 The Avengers (adapted)

Gift Set 40 The Avengers (adapted)

175 GBP
In the second TV series Mrs Peel drove a silver-blue Elan - registration SJH 499D - in place of the early series white model. Steed's Bentley was one of several green models, none of which had red wheels and he certainly never drove a red Bentley. So, in some respects, the Corgi Gift Set 40 was not as accurate as it might have been. For those wishing to have something a little closer to what was on our screens I prepare some adapted sets which feature a green Bentley and silver-blue Lotus.

The Bentley will be a 9001 model without the racing number transfers or Union flag on the passenger door and will, of course, have steel wheels. The hood will be replaced with a folded one too. The Lotus will be either the 318 boxed model with the Tiger In My Tank transfer removed or a resprayed model. Often removing the transfers damages the paint in that area or exposure to light over the years makes the area a different shade when using an original 318 model.

The set is otherwise the same as those I have available as normal GS40 sets, with Steed and Mrs Peel characters and brollies in a really good reproduction box and tray.

The Lotus illustrated is shown to give you an idea but this one is not for sale, having the wrong colour interior! Steed would, of course, also be in the Bentley! At the time of listing this I do not have the two models in stock. It is a very popular set, selling as soon as the models come in! However, they can usually be obtained quickly to meet any orders as required.