Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 40 The Avengers 1

Gift Set 40 The Avengers 1

160 GBP
This is a really nice set featuring a red Bentley with steel wheels and a very nice example of Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan S2.

The two cars are original and have not been taken apart with an original Steed character in the Bentley. I am not sure about Mrs Peel - it is best to assume that this is a reproduction. The Lotus is very good with just a few chips as you'll see in the photos and has the usual very poor rear suspension. The Bentley is excellent. The whole set looks lovely on display.

The box is a superb reproduction by one of the best suppliers, with colours that are accurate and not too bright and on the correct type of card with sharp folds and cut-outs. The three brollies are replacements.

This is one of several sets that I have available. You should appreciate that Corgi made only a few types of this set. The red Bentley may have steel wheels or, more rarely, gold coloured wheels. Many sets do have Bentleys with red wheels but my opinion is that these will be 9001 models with the hood changed. A green Bentley was also included in early sets. It is not the same as the 9002 and quite distinct from the 9004 Jeeves model. It has no racing number transfers and no Union flag on the passenger door. I also believe that original set editions will have had red wheels. Having said that, I believe that a green Bentley with steel wheels is an acceptable alternative provided that there are no racing numbers or flags, of course, being a more accurate illustration of what Steed actually drove.

The Lotus will always have been white and the only main variation I am aware of is the introduction of cast spoke-effect wheels late in production. In the second TV series, however, Mrs Peel drives a silver-blue model so I also make a set featuring a suitable Lotus Elan and green Bentley. Contact me for more details if a set is not currently available.

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