Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 36 Oldsmobile and Glastron Speedboat in original box

Gift Set 36 Oldsmobile and Glastron Speedboat in original box

220 GBP
Here is a very smart set - a gorgeous Oldsmobile Toronado with tow hook and a very modern-looking Glastron speedboat, complete in a good original box.

The Oldsmobile is the turquoise-blue shade and looks immaculate with lovely, shiny chrome and working pop-up jewelled double headlamps. I cannot see a mark on this car, with very clean windows and unmarked base. This is the version with cast wheels, matching the trailer.

The Glastron speedboat has all the side decals in place and appears unmarked with twin outboard motors in place and complete. It has a good original screen and has an original driver and female passenger. The young lad is a replacement and missing from some of the photos but is now present in the set you receive. Fresh photos are now included. It sits on a silver trailer which has leaf springs - like the Batboat trailer but in silver. It has a few marks here and there but is all original.

The box is complete, some wrinkling to the cellophane but that is not torn. At the ends there are signs of wear and rubbing where a label or something has been removed at some time. Inside, the original polystyrene is of good colour and in one piece with no cracks. There are three bands holding the models in place but I don't know whether they'd be original!

These sets were not big sellers at 14/6d and now can prove hard to find. There are plenty of cars but not the speedboats or trailers and certainly not boxes or packing pieces.

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