Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 31 The Riviera Set all original components with box

Gift Set 31 The Riviera Set all original components with box

140 GBP
Sets in original boxes are worth a small fortune. This is as close as you will get to one, with all original components - including an original surf board, rope and surfing girl! The Dolphin Cruiser, captain and Buick Riviera are also totally original and all contained in the best quality reproduction box with correct inner tray.

If you buy reproduction items you'll find that the girl doesn't stay on the board and the rope is a piece of plastic that simply doesn't do what it is supposed to at all and the whole set can look silly. This set looks just how it did when new.

The Buick Riviera is the pale blue original 245 model and has very nice paintwork with minimal paint loss. The chrome is good and the windows clean and clear of scratches and no cracks. The hook is the button style and undamaged. It has sound suspension and good wire wheels.

The Dolphin Cruiser is in very good condition with no marks or fading of the plastic. It has a complete paper stripe on the front and a complete, folding motor at the back which has its propeller.

The trailer is an early type with smooth wheels and good tyres. Often these can have damaged tow rings or side retainers but this one is all good.

A lovely set and rare opportunity.
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