Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 31 The Riviera Gift set with reproduction box

Gift Set 31 The Riviera Gift set with reproduction box

120 GBP
A fine example of this sought after Gift Set, featuring an early edition Buick Riviera in pale blue. 

The car is in really nice condition with only tiny marks to the paintwork. the chrome is excellent and the Trans-o-lite lights are lovely. Some red coating has rubbed off the rear lights. The wire wheels and suspension are very good and the windows all clear and free of scratches.

The boat is good, with no sign of fading as can happen with these, and has its motor with propeller and the original captain figure has the steering wheel in place too. The lady surfer and surf board are replacement parts and the plastic 'rope' has been replaced by a much more realistic (and easier to work with) piece of black cord. The front stripe on the boat has been replaced.

The box and display inner sections are good replacements from Model Supplies, made of firm grey card and, like the original, in quite dull colours on the outer box scene. Even the fresh originals seem to be quite dull. There is also a copy instruction sheet in the box.

All in all a nice example of this set which looks very attractive and is considerably cheaper than an original boxed item!

I may have available an all original surfer girl, board and rope for this set. The rope is missing one end that attaches to the boat but items are otherwise in excellent condition. If you would like these instead of the replacements please contact me and I will advise availability and a revised price.
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