Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 31 Riviera Set all original in original box

Gift Set 31 Riviera Set all original in original box

300 GBP
Here is a lovely example of the much sought-after Riviera Gift set, all original and in an original box too.

The Buick is the early pale blue model in very nice condition. The chrome is excellent, suspension sound and screens clean and clear. There are slight marks on the paintwork from age and play but it still looks lovely. The Dolphin boat is complete with original motor, propeller, steering wheel and captain. Often some of those small parts are broken or get lost. It also has the paper stripe intact and just a little worn. The trailer is also complete although I think one tiny metal bar may be missing at one side, albeit barely noticeable. The usual issues with the trailer are a broken tow ring or missing tyres but this one is fine.

The water skiing girl is in good condition, as is the board she stands on. The rope is original - in the photos one part that attaches to the boat is missing but please note that I have now changed that to a complete original. That is the reason for the price increase as these original ropes are really scarce.

The box itself has a lovely display inner tray, complete and undamaged. The outer box has all its flaps but has tears in two or three places, with one  small flap having been re-attached. The original boxes are never very bright and this one has a slightly aged look but is actually solid and very good.

These original items are hard to find these days and fetch very high prices.