Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer (rare edition) (2)

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer (rare edition) (2)

140 GBP
This is the second of these sets that I have available, this one being slightly more worn but still very nice indeed. 

Featuring the scarce red 102A Pony trailer and a 406 very late edition Land Rover with shaped wheels this set can only have been available for a very short period before being replaced by the 438 Land Rover set.

The Land rover is in very nice condition with really just minimal wear on some raised edges but you do have to look around to find them. I doubt that the tin canopy has been removed more than a handful of times. It has retained its nice shape and has just very tiny marks. The tin hook is present and the wheels smart and windows clean and clear. There is some surface rust on the tin base which I believe could be removed with a good clean and a stiff brush and some oil.

The Pony Trailer is in similarly excellent condition with just very small marks here and there but none at all obvious. The wheels are bright and it is a genuine fixed towbar. I say that because I made one myself when I thought that I might never actually find one! The pony is an original with the correct blue coat.