Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 15 Corgi Pony Club Land Rover and Horse Box (Whizzwheels)

Gift Set 15 Corgi Pony Club Land Rover and Horse Box (Whizzwheels)

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A fine example of one of the later editions of this long-running gift set. It had started in 1968 with Whizzwheels starting to appear in the 1970s. They did not suit the Horse Box at all, though, and this was not exactly a model that children would be expected to race along the tracks either so this is not an easy set to track down now in good condition.

The Land Rover is in very good condition indeed with hardly a mark on it. It has nice clean screens and the type 1 interior in lemon with a grey steering wheel. The canopy has the Pony Club stickers but they are a little damaged and there is also a small area of damage to the roof of the canopy.

The Rice Double Horse Box is similarly in fine condition. The Rice transfer is intact on the ramp and the vent is closed. The cork mats are excellent and there are two horses inside with a divider in place. I am not sure whether the horses are both originals. One could be but another seems a little larger but I believe there were changes to the horse and pony included in this set in later days so it may be correct.

A really nice example of this scarce combination.

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