Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 14 Giant Daktari Set

Gift Set 14 Giant Daktari Set

85 GBP
This is one of the most difficult sets to find these days, especially if you want all the elements and an original box and packaing! Whilst the Land Rover is common, being the same as featured in Gift Set 7, this has a different Dodge Kew Fargo model and a different Bedford Giraffe Transporter to those issued either in boxes or other sets. It seems that the Giraffe Transporter, in particular, is hard to find in shades of brown.

Here I have just the three models, an original tiger and two original giraffes at the moment. I am seeking the other components and hope to add to the listing as the weeks pass if it is not sold. 

The Land Rover is the earliest type, with shaped wheels. It has some wear to the paintwork on some edges but has good windows and decals.

The Dodge Kew Fargo is in very good condition. The blue cab is very clean and with hardly any noticeable marks. the bonnet opens and the chrome engine is excellent and the grille is intact too. The zebra, Wameru and wood graphics are all in place and, apart from one side of the crate section, very good. The brown rear section does not have an elephants and there are some chips to the paintwork but the bars are all intact. The rear door goes down and is not badly scratched.

Almost all of these Dodges that I have encountered have suspension problems, caused by the prop shaft getting bent and no long providing any resistance and allowing free movement of the axles. This model, I am pleased to say, has very good suspension. It is an early edition with shaped wheels.

The Bedford Giraffe Transporter is in good condition. There is some wear around the windscreen and on edges here and there but nothing that looks bad on display. The cab has a lemon interior, the mirrors are in place and the suspension sound. The box compartment is not cracked and has all the decals in place. The rear door opens and closes but there is evidence of some wear to the catch area. There are two original giraffes but one has an ear missing and the pattern and colours seem to have faded almost completely. The suspension is excellent and it has shaped wheels.