Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift set 10 Rambler Marlin, Kayak and Camping trailer

Gift set 10 Rambler Marlin, Kayak and Camping trailer

140 GBP
This was Corgi's follow-up to the highly successful 'Riveria Gift Set'. Substitute a Rambler Marlin in lovely metallic blue and white for the Buick and a matching variety of the Pennywise Workmen's Trailer (minus tools) for the trailer, two plastic kayaks for the boat and an odd-looking floating torso for the attractive girl on a surf board with rope and you have this set.

This was only produced for a short period, from summer 1968 to sometime in 1969, so possibly less than a year. As a consequence, sales were really quite low, around 120,000 and these fetch very high prices of around £400 when found now in original boxes.

This set is excellent. the Rambler has one or two chips to the blue paintwork but these are mostly confined to the wings and so not immediately obvious. Rarely, it has very good suspension. So often that fails on these models. The windows are all clear and the interior is complete (including door inserts) and clean. the roof rack is original, as is the kayak it holds. The grey plastic button hook is also in place. The cast wheels are delightfully shiny - so often they beome dull but these have stayed very bright.

The Trailer is very good, showing just one chip on the rear of the chassis and one on a wheels arch and another on a blue panel. The doors open and close smoothly and are undamaged as is the interior and red plastic tow bar.

With this set should be a second kayak and a man who fits in it with a paddle. I am obtaining these, as well as a good quality reproduction box and inner display unit when I would expect the price to increase to around £180. For now the items shown are available as they stand.