Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 10 Marlin Rambler & Kayaks

Gift Set 10 Marlin Rambler & Kayaks

140 GBP
This is a rare set and hard to find anywhere these days. The Rambler Marlin in blue and white and the Pennyburn Trailer appear in blue and white only in this set, along with two kayaks and a the top half of a chap with a paddle. I always wondered why there are two kayaks in this set but no-one else around and another thing that bothered me was why there was nothing in the trailer!

Clearly Corgi had needed to freshen up the Riviera Gift Set and used the Rambler for this purpose. You will see how similar are the inner trays!

This is a reproduction box and inner tray and I have used one reproduction kayak, man and paddle. The other elements are original and the cra and trailer are in very fine condition.