Corgi Toys 1956-73
55 Fordson Power Major Tractor with original box

55 Fordson Power Major Tractor with original box

200 GBP

These can be easily confused at first glance. 55 is the first Fordson with headlamps attached to the sides of the radiator grill. It also has fixed axle steering which is a bit unrealistic. The next model is 60 which has headlamps inside the grill and a nice parallel type of steering. Later the Ford 5000 will appear as 67 with jewelled lamps. Luckily that’s blue and grey so easy to spot! (Interestingly, the steering reverts to fixed axle type, though.)

Anyway, this is an absolutely superb example of the first model, which didn’t come with a driver. Everything looks excellent and it has an extremely good original box too which is nice and fresh and undamaged. Lovely.

This has the plastic wheels which would have replaced the very first metal type. Not around for long, this is a valuable item.

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