Corgi Toys 1956-73
Gift Set 14 Hydraulic Tower Wagon with Lamp Standard

Gift Set 14 Hydraulic Tower Wagon with Lamp Standard

40 GBP
The Jeep FS-150 appears now in red with no suspension or interior in this Gift Set. It has the very clever device for raising the basket whilst staying horizontal, which is later used on a second edition of the jeep when it gets suspension and a metallic green coat of paint.

In this set there is also a man with his arms up in the air and a Corgi-branded lamp standard. This has both and I believe they are originals in very good condition. Often the lamp standard either goes missing or is damaged and the workman goes missing. The workman may be a replacement - I cannot tell but the lamp standard is certainly correct.

The Jeep is in good condition with a few bits of paint loss and the mechanism still works perfectly. The wheels and tyres are original and are also excellent as well as the unmarked and clear windows.

This set is not easy to find complete.