Corgi Toys 1956-73
275 Rover 2000TC in grey-green with red interior

275 Rover 2000TC in grey-green with red interior

120 GBP

This is a scarce green version with a red interior- the same as found in the white car. Most had brown. There is also a green version with white interior.

It is a very attractive model, with jewelled headlamps in place of the Trans-o-lite type and lovely chrome grill and bumpers.

This is in very good condition with very nice chrome front and back and the paintwork has very few marks - just a tiny hip on the roof and factory cast flaw creating a bulge on the nearside doors. It looks lovely on display.

The lid of the spare wheel cover is cracked which is quite normal these days! The last owner has put Camaro wheels in the spare holder and three of the others too which I shall replace with correct originals when I find some. For now the model is for sale as it stands.

These are not at all easy to find and a good investment opportunity as Rovers across the range are sought after.