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304 Chevrolet Camaro SS350

304 Chevrolet Camaro SS350

240 GBP

This is one of my favourites and it is also in really nice condition. There is a gold Camaro with Golden Jacks that was not around for long but this had an even shorter life-span.

The new colour scheme of mid-blue and white roof and interior suits the car well and it has the same features as the original version. Despite the Mazak stamp on the base this seems to me to be very nicely made and, apart from those ruddy wheels, a model to be proud of.

This has an original white detachable roof which has some rubbing marks. One door panel is also missing. I may be able to supply another and will advise at the time of purchase. This model also has the white wing decals.

It is not cheap - there are just very few around in any condition now.

It has a good, solid original box but the cellophane is broken and there are signs of wear at one edge.