Corgi Toys 1956-73
9002 Bentley 3 litre 1927 with original box

9002 Bentley 3 litre 1927 with original box

54 GBP
Another example of the 9002 model which is the red Bentley with red wheels, a full hood and a driver figure. The green edition is 9001 which was available for rather longer than this one.

This is in very good condition - probably the better of the two I have in stock. It has tiny chips on the side and bonnet but the black rails are much better with hardly a mark showing. It all looks original with nice bright silver work on the lights and radiator.

The box is also available with the other model in stock. The box is solid, of the tray + lid variety. It has a wrinkled illustration on the lid and a tear at one edge but is otherwise very good and clean, with its original packing foam. If that is sold first then this one's price will be reduced or you can ask for a price without the box.