Corgi Toys 1956-73
9002 Bentley 3 litre 1927 model with original box

9002 Bentley 3 litre 1927 model with original box

44 GBP
A very nice example of the Corgi Classics Bentley from the first 1964-69 issue. 9002 is the model in red with red wheels and a full hood and driver. It was not available for as long as the 9001 green edition.

This has an original hood, driver and is complete with handbrake and horn. It looks as though the horn may have been replaced as there is a small stress mark on the plastic but I cannot be sure about that. There are very small marks on the bonnet and edge of the black rails but none detract from its appearance as a fine example of this model.

It can be supplied with a solid original box which is very clean but has some crinkling of the top illustration. It also has a tear at one edge.

This is oner of two that I have available - the box can be supplied with either so if the other is sold the price of this one will be reduced.