Corgi Toys 1956-73
900 Bentley 1927 3 litre Le Mans with first edition box

900 Bentley 1927 3 litre Le Mans with first edition box

50 GBP
This became 9001 shortly after production but is here featured as model number 900 in the first edition 'display box. The car sits on a plinth which has a quite smart sliding plastic device to attach the car firmly. This then fits inside the thin card outer box but leaving the tray end tab showing at one end. It is a curious, and quite complicated bit of packaging and I am not at all surprised that it wasn't long before they went back to a good sturdy card box with a lid, into which the car could simple be taken in and replaced!

This example is very, very clean with no signs of play on the paintwork. The driver is in place and both RN3 decals are in good condition. There is a stress line at the base of the windscreen where it may have been bent at one time but it is not cracked or broken. the horn, handbrake and radiator emblem are all present. usually one or other is missing!

I bought this with a view to using the Bentley for an Avengers Set (minus transfers and with a different hood and driver, of course!) However, it is such a fine example of the comparatively scarce first type of box that I decided to leave it as it is as there may well be someone who would like this. The normal boxed 9001 is a pretty common affair but not in this form.