Corgi Toys 1956-73
807 and 859 Magic Roundabout models

807 and 859 Magic Roundabout models

40 GBP
These are two items from the Wilford Collection. Percy Wilford was a Senior Model Maker at Corgi's factory in Northampton and his son, Robert, followed in his footsteps, working there on samples until the factory closed in the 1980s.

Robert's son, Ian, has asked me to find homes for a number of items that he found in his family's drawers, including these two. 807 is Dougall's Citroen car and 859 is Mr McHenry's tricycle with Zebidee in the box. They are both worn but all original and, apart from some missing stickers, all there and working. The Citroen has a label attached to the underside bearing Robert Wilford's name and it is understood that these were from the first sample run of complete items. Clearly they later got played with by the children!

They come with a signed certificate of their provenance and represent a very modestly priced piece of Corgi's 1970s history.
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