Corgi Toys 1956-73
804 Noddy's Car

804 Noddy's Car

40 GBP
This is an item from the Wilford Collection. Percy Wilford was a Senior Model Maker at Corgi's Northampton factory and his son, Robert, followed in his footsteps until the factory closed in the 1980s.

I have been asked to find good homes for a few items that Robert's son, Ian, has found amongst the family drawers. This is the second version of Noddy's car, featuring just Noddy. The first one had Big Ears next to Noddy and a Golly, later a Teddy, in the boot. This is believed to have been from the first production run and has a dab of white paint on the underside and some reference code written on it. Afterwards this has clearly spent some time with the children as there are signs of wear, mainly as Noddy missing the bell on his hat and one headlamp. The paintwork has a few chips too.

This will come with a certificate by way of provenance and represents a modestly priced piece of Corgi's 1970s history.