Corgi Toys 1956-73
74 Ford 5000 with Hydraulic Scoop

74 Ford 5000 with Hydraulic Scoop

60 GBP

Corgi made a lot of use of its tractors. Here is the Ford 5000 with a hydraulic scoop affair attached to the side. Nicely made and with realistic hoses, levers and everything, it is an attractive model. It isn’t as useful to play with as some of the earlier ones but one of the last good ones nevertheless.

These farm items tended to get damaged quite easily as their awkward shapes tended to mean they were difficult to put away in a toy box or an extended part might bump into other things that might have been avoided with a car. So finding them in good condition other than as new from old shop stock or similar is unusual.

This one is super and really has only very minimal wear and a little corrosion appearing on the front axle. That may actually clean off but I haven’t tried yet.

The plastic wheels are clean and not loose as some tended to become after a while. A nice model.

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