Corgi Toys 1956-73
73 Ford 185 Tractor with Saw Attachment

73 Ford 185 Tractor with Saw Attachment

85 GBP

This is the penultimate item needed for my Farm Machinery collection and it has been some time coming as these are really quite expensive. Issued in early 1970 this was the last use of the Massey Ferguson, to be replaced by the 50B in 1973.

Once again, the engineers at Corgi had a great idea and have used a fine sprint to transfer movement from the rear wheel to the saw head, which itself can be moved at all sorts of positions. A remarkable bit of engineering. I just wish there was a way to disengage the gear so that you can just push the tractor along.

If these did get played with the mechanism would seldom survive and so that may explain why there are so few around (other than new ones in boxes which appear plentiful!). This is a rare example of one that has survived and it has just a few chips to the paintwork at the front and on the wheel arches. But that is how tractors tend to look best anyway, in my view.

A really, really nice model. Delighted to have this and I will be reluctant to see it go. I only had a couple of tractors and a trailer as a child, despite living on an agricultural machinery depot! (My dad was the manager and knew all the farmers in the area and the place had the real things everywhere which I could drive as they left the keys in them all, although I don’t remember seeing one of these. Probably just as well!)

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