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72 Ford 5000 with Trenching Bucket

72 Ford 5000 with Trenching Bucket

85 GBP

Corgi did get a lot of mileage out of the Ford 5000 cast and here it is in what I believe was its last outing in 1971. It replaced the confusingly numbered 74 which had an identical attachment but placed on the side. Now it is at the back! I cannot see anything lese that is different.

Good ol’ Farmer George is still there and actually is in the seat in this example. These are not at all common and examples that have all the original tubes and parts undamaged are sought after by farming collectors keen to have a complete set.

This is very good indeed with the exhaust in place too! The only fault is that the wheels have become a little worn with some sideways movement now but nothing bad.

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