Corgi Toys 1956-73
64 Jeep FC-150 with conveyor

64 Jeep FC-150 with conveyor

40 GBP

Another model that has just come in with some other items and which I had not initially intended to collect or feature. However, it really is a marvellous example of Corgi engineering with a super mechanism that moves a rubber conveyor belt.

This was packaged with a character and some bags and, although you’d not see Farmer George with a left-hand drive American truck on his land in those days, it was sold as a ‘Farm’ item - hence the number.

This example is extremely good and still has the upper conveyor belt that rolls around nicely. I don’t know how you replace the lower one but I will have a go if I can find a belt somewhere.

These were fairly common, made well, and many seem to have survived, although not so many with working belts. There is a Phillips screw head underneath which I presume holds the mechanism in place. I am tempted to try unscrewing it but I may experiment on another less well cared-for model just in case!

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