Corgi Toys 1956-73
62 Farm Tipper Trailer with raves

62 Farm Tipper Trailer with raves

30 GBP

A nice trailer that was quite an improvement on #51 and a useful item to carry stuff around in. The way in which the raves fit, stay in place and yet still permit the rear panel to open is marvellous and a great bit of engineering again from Corgi.

This trailer also featured in a number of Gift Sets, GS9 with the Massey 165 and GS32 with the Massey 65 as well as the big Farm Sets GS5 and in later editions of GS22 when it replaced the little yellow trailer.

This example is in very good condition. It has been played with and doesn’t have a box but, apart from some chips along the trailer’s top edges and paint loss on the tow eye, it looks fine. The inside of the trailer is excellent and unmarked, as is the base. The wheels and tyres are good.

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