Corgi Toys 1956-73
60 Fordson Power Major Tractor

60 Fordson Power Major Tractor

70 GBP

It took a while to figure out which was which but I now have sorted it out. First came 55, a Fordson Major with two obvious features; headlamps at the side of the front bit and odd steering with the whole axle turning. Next came this one, 60 with the steering much more realistic and lights now inside the grill.

In due course this will be replaced by 67 the Super Power Major which, oddly, has the old-style axle steering again! That does have jewelled headlamps and some chrome bits, though, and grey wheels to make up.

There probably should have been a driver in the box with this one but he has gone long ago now.

I have replaced the exhaust now. Otherwise, though, this is a brilliant and nicely original example of quite a rare item that seems to make good money nowadays. This has plastic wheels, which, I think would be the case for all of this model.

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