Corgi Toys 1956-73
56 Farm Tipper Trailer

56 Farm Tipper Trailer

30 GBP

Although several sites list this as a 1:43 scale item I am pretty sure it is more like 1:36 and shouldn’t really be included in my lists.

It is a very late edition, appearing in 1977 and sticking around until the early 1980s. It looks reasonable but the red trailer section is cheap plastic. The yellow metal section is poorly finished and there is no attempt at branding. The tyres are a sad solid plastic. Basically this is quite a rubbish model but it may have been par for the course in its day.

I think I was the first to open the box as this still has its cardboard packing piece in place and both model and box are immaculate.

There are plenty of these around, despite some dealers’ attempts to say they’re scarce! This is as good as you’ll find anywhere, totally as new.

To try and illustrate the scale I have illustrated this attached to a Massey Ferguson 165 and I think you’ll agree that, whilst there are now some huge trailers around, this does look a bit large. It was also issued in a Gift Set with a David Brown tractor. That was definitely the larger scale so too will be this trailer. I’ll leave it here for now but eventually it’ll have to go, probably when someone buys it.

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