Corgi Toys 1956-73
54 Massey Ferguson 50B Tractor with shovel

54 Massey Ferguson 50B Tractor with shovel

40 GBP

Over a year after the tractor appeared comes the one with a shovel attachment. It’s all pretty solid but very bland. Farmer George still has his scarf blowing in the wind as well!

The bucket lift and drop works quite nicely but you do have to hold it in position. There is no lever to lock it upright like the old models had, nor do the hydraulic pistons hold or even slow it as they ought to.

It’s an odd late edition and never seemed to be very popular. The colour doesn’t help.

This is in very good condition with just a few chips on corners but none that spoil its appearance on display at all. There is a light scratch on one window. The others, which are quite vulnerable to damage are nice and clean.

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