Corgi Toys 1956-73
53 Massey Ferguson 65 with shovel

53 Massey Ferguson 65 with shovel

60 GBP

The first of many marvellously designed and interesting farm tractors and machinery. This is the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor with a bucket mechanism operated by two levers. One lifts the arm and the other releases the bucket. Really clever work.

I never had any of these with equipment when young, despite my dad being a farm machinery depot manager and later living on a farm.

This example is super with just tiny chips on the top edge of the bucket and very little else to worry about. The mechanism works smoothly and the transfers are still there. There is a version with an all silver bucket and both seem similarly priced.

Few of these survived outside the box as they did tend to get played with and when put away their awkward shape contributed to their suffering more than their fair share of scratches or bent bits. So this is unusual. It does have a sturdy reproduction box and maybe that has helped it stay as good recently.

The same mechanism is also used on the next Massey Ferguson 165 tractor too.

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