Corgi Toys 1956-73
51 Massey Ferguson Trailer with original box

51 Massey Ferguson Trailer with original box

60 GBP

You needed #50, the tractor, to go with this really so I can’t imagine too many people bought this on its own. I got it with the tractor but then my dad was the manager of an agricultural machinery depot in Hertfordshire so I was always going to start my Corgi collection with these!

This is absolutely perfect. There isn’t even a mark where the end panel snaps into place and I doubt that it has been out of the box more than a handful of times.

The wheels are metal on both examples I have. I believe that later ones came with plastic wheels but that is the only variation throughout its very long period on the shelves.

Despite being comparatively scarce in this condition, these are not making a fortune at the moment and so you can get an A+ model in an A box (I can’t see anything other than some gentle writing and the slightest of crushing on one edge) for a very reasonable price.

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