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509 Porsche 911S Targa Politzei

509 Porsche 911S Targa Politzei

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It has taken far too long to track down a good version of this nice little Police car from Germany. Indeed this one has come from a collector in Germany!

Perhaps because they were all involved in chases and skidded into the walls or other cars, many are damaged with crooked jewelled lights and the main fault is a missing side blue lamp and holder.

This is great and the stickers are not bad either, a little faded but original. This is the best early version with a black interior. Later models had a tan interior and seem a little cheaper to me. The doors open and close nicely, as does the engine compartment with that ridiculous siren affair mounted on it and blocking the air intake.

The wheels are the usual ones and look immaculate -again that’s hard to find as they do get easily damaged. A lovely model from the last days of Corgi.

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