Corgi Toys 1956-73
508 Commer Holiday Camp Bus

508 Commer Holiday Camp Bus

55 GBP

Here we are nearly at the end of list with three digits and it’s an unusual item - the Commer 2500 Bus that did good service in many other forms and bow comes in orange and white with a  Holiday Camp Special sticker on one side (only).

There are not many of these around in good condition and just about all will have lost the green plastic roof luggage cover like this one has. I will get a replacement fitted soon.

The doors open nicely and close properly and evenly and the suspension, like all the Commer models is excellent. The bars on the roof rack are in good shape and straight too and there are no major paintwork issues at all. The only noticeable marks are on the rear edge of the white roof. Otherwise this is great.

(Price currently excludes luggage cover)

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