Corgi Toys 1956-73
506 Police Panda Imp (2nd Edition)

506 Police Panda Imp (2nd Edition)

50 GBP

With all the flashy Chevrolets and Zephyrs for the police around this little Sunbeam Imp looks a little amusing! It is a late Corgi model and I think they had some casts left over after the Monte Carlo model became out of date. That will explain the strange shape at the front which I don’t recall seeing on any police cars! It was the correct Monte Carlo badge shape though :)

It has tan seats instead of the yellow and this one has a policeman driving it which was in early models. The door stickers may also be luminous. That’s what the original box (not available, sorry) said although I haven’t tested them myself.

This black and white version comes in two flavours: both only around for a year or so in 1968-9 and noticeably scarcer than the blue version. This example has a much creamier shade of white than the other one I have had. It is unmarked and in superb condition apart from the usual suspension problem. The cast wheels are bright too, with correct original tyres.

I have inserted two pieces of rubber which have restored the suspension so it is very good value in such super condition. The photos were taken before and after the repair and also include comparison with another to show the cream shade better.

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