Corgi Toys 1956-73
506 Police Panda Imp (1st Edition)

506 Police Panda Imp (1st Edition)

60 GBP

With all the flashy Chevrolets and Zephyrs for the police around this little Sunbeam Imp looks a little amusing! It is a late Corgi model and I think they had some casts left over after the Monte Carlo model became out of date. That will explain the strange shape at the front which I don’t recall seeing on any police cars! It was the correct Monte Carlo badge shape though :)

It has tan seats instead of the yellow and this one has no sign of a policeman driving it which was in early models.

The door stickers may also be luminous. That’s what the original box (not available, sorry) said although I haven’t tested them myself.

This is the later edition, running from 1969 through to 1972. Earlier 1968/9 models were black and white.

A nice, very clean model.

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