Corgi Toys 1956-73
503 Bedford Giraffe Transporter (Daktari Edition)

503 Bedford Giraffe Transporter (Daktari Edition)

55 GBP

From the big Daktari Gift Set 14 comes this Giraffe Transporter with an adult and teen giraffe.

The cab is the familiar Bedford one put to further good use here with a brown plastic box covering the place where the hitch would have been.

This is in excellent, unmarked condition and totally original, although the junior giraffe has run away. The crate decals are as new and the tyres, cast wheels and suspension all good.

These were not produced in large quantities and you’ll find few in this condition.

Once I have assembled all the components this may finish up in a Gift Set 14 but, in the meantime, is available individually.

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