Corgi Toys 1956-73
50 Massey Ferguson 50B Tractor

50 Massey Ferguson 50B Tractor

40 GBP

One of their last 1:43 models, this came out in 1973. It is a very different model to those it follows, with very little detail and a box added at the rear which avoided Corgi having to include any attachment devices other than a fixed hook.

It is very disappointing and looks particularly wrong in this shade of yellow. I have seen a white version but don’t know whether this was actually released or not.

In 1974 another version came out with a shovel.

The normal tractor appears in Country Farm Gift set 4 towing a #62 Trailer with a massive load of hay and two kids, sheep and fences. In 1975 it is called Gift Set 5 and the kids have gone. Weird.

This example is in first class condition. The front wheel are a little wobbly but I think all these had the same problem.

It’s the same old Farmer George in the cab, by the way, as was first put on a tractor back in 1961!

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