Corgi Toys 1956-73
492 VW 1200 European Police Car

492 VW 1200 European Police Car

60 GBP

Model #256 went down well and was another car featuring steering from a device on the roof. This was one of the best implementations of that.

In dark green and white this had the same opening bonnet and engine compartment at the back as the Safari model but whilst it didn’t come with a friendly plastic rhinoceros you would still have the same wellies in the trunk!

A very shiny baseplate extends to a nice strong and attractive bumper at front and rear and there are even two plastic mud flaps at the rear.

This particular example has good paintwork and suspension as well as the original Polizei transfers on the doors. It is missing some blue paint on the roof lamp (where it is steered) and the chrome wheel is worn there too. It is, however, in very good condition otherwise.

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