Corgi Toys 1956-73
490 VW Breakdown Truck

490 VW Breakdown Truck

40 GBP
This was a long running item in the Corgi catalogue but this is a scarce version with cast wheels. Nearly all that you'll see in this colour have shaped wheels. The white version, that was included in several Gift Sets with a racing trailer, was more likely to have the cast wheels but not the green-beige version.

In the box were decals to stick on the sides and a chevron design for the back which often went missing and they have not been applied on this one.

This has pretty good paintwork with just wear to raised design features and some edges and the windows are clean and undamaged. It has had a replacement tool box and hook. The lid of the toolbox tends to flip up and doesn't stay closed.

This is a nice model that you can do a lot with - the winch is working and the wheel intact with its original tyre. there is also a grey plastic original hook for towing a trailer.

The suspension is good at the front but not great at the back but it sits evenly as you can see in the photos.

This is a chance to get a scarce item at a good price.
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